Name of Course:   Introduction to Improv in English

Course Description:

In this course we will be focusing on the basics of improvised theatre. Using exercises to explore the fundamental components of scene work, group work, storytelling and character development. We will be exploring the ideals of agreement, listening, trust and cooperation with relation to the art form. This course is ideal for beginners to intermediate improvisors as well as anyone wishing to improvise and/or try improv in English.

Students will obtain experience in the following:

-Enhanced listening skills

-Exploration of improvised storytelling

-Exercises geared toward character development

-The value of agreement, trust and cooperation when applied to this art form

-Imaginative play and exploration

Sara Palmer is an experienced improviser from the United States where the art form has taken her across the country and beyond. It was Phoenix, Arizona where she fell in love with improvised theatre while studying at The Torch Theatre. She has performed on house teams as well as regular line ups with independent troupes. Sara then began incorporating coaching and teaching, not only in improv, but storytelling as well. As an experienced writer, she has written and performed live storytelling events throughout the Phoenix area. Her experience as a freelance writer and performer led to her work with the Humor Writes Organization, where she taught city youth creative writing using improv exercises as inspiration. Just recently, Sara moved to Finland and is the co founder and English Impro instructor of Suomen Impro-Opisto/Finnish Improv School in Helsinki.

Place: Citizen’s Forum (Kansalaisfoorumi), Käenkuja 1 B, Helsinki.

Enrolling in and terms of cancelling

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Aika: 7.-8.9.2019 la-su 11-15.30
Paikkakunta: Helsinki
Kouluttaja: Sara Palmer
Ilmottautuminen päättyy: 20.8.2019
Hinta/hlö: 75€/person