The Amateur Theatre Association of Finland

The Amateur Theatre Association of Finland (ATAF)  is a cultural organization founded in 1948. Our goal is to be an organization that is easy to approach, and genuinely there for the people. We also want to be an influencer that truly knows its community.  As members, ATAF has over 500 amateur theaters and also five member organizations -through which join approximately 300 theater groups. The Ministry of Education and Culture supports ATAF with an annual grant.

Meeting each other in the events – for the love of the theater.

The Amateur Theatre Association of Finland’s flag ship is the annual Amateur Theater Summer festival. It gathers the best of Finland’s amateur theaters and theater makers to show their skills and to meet up with each other. To apply to the festival, performers send in a recording of their performances. Out of these, a theater professional make their picks for the program of the festival.
During the festival, the theaters chosen perform and get feedback from an expert jury.

ATAF also organizes a bi-annual children and youth theater -event called SPOTTI in Riihimäki.
In Spotti it’s time for the young theater amateurs to bring their talent on the stage.

Along with events, the Amateur Theatre Association of Finland organizes seminars and meetings on current issues regarding the theater field. ATAF also attends several similar events.
The new thing for the year 2021 is a festival called Erityinen (Special). It is aimed for the special groups.

Education, publicity and information, support and awards.

The Amateur Theatre Association of Finland arranges training for directors and actors of the amateur theaters, and for other theater enthusiasts. The Association also sends directorial, educational and expert help to the field. This is how the association aims to develop the Finnish Amateur Theater field, hand in hand with the people. The Association also grants financial support in the form of production grants and educational grants.
ATAF also awards established member theaters annually with a “The amateur theater of the year” -award and with a “Premiere script” -award. ATAF also grants medals of merit and recognition for long term and exemplary work in the field of amateur theater.


The Amateur Theatre Association of Finland publishes Repliikki -magazine four times a year.  It is the voice of the amateur theater field and the place of information. Repliikki follows all the events and phenomena of the field.  The magazine helps and serves, spreads joy when people succeed, tells the best stories and encourages theater people to educate themselves, evolve  -and most of all, it helps people to meet each other.

International activities

Our association also builds an international network. We offer possibilities for guest performances with foreign groups, we send participants to workshops and festivals abroad, and we take part in international activities in many other ways too.

You are warmly welcome to join our growing community, in which you also receive our membership benefits. There are many ways to join. Via this link  (LINK) you can get acquainted with the rules of the Amateur Theatre Association of Finland

Do you want to be influencing the future of ATAF and the Amateur theaters?
ATAF’s meeting chart and the composition of the ATAF board – read here. ( LINK )

To become a member organization (Theaters)

All the organizations that function in the theater field, are registered (or have the registration process started) or are otherwise legally competent, can apply.

Organizations get Repliikki -magazine, the association’s informational material, discount on the advertisement prices and  their show information on the ATAF website for free. They also get the opportunity to represent the association on festivals abroad. Also the organization can apply for all the production and educational grants and awards appointed by the association.
The director pool can be used to search for a director suitable for your organization, using the search option for specific skill sets, such as spoken languages, skills, location and education.
The membership fee is 95€.

As an attachment to the application, the following information is needed: the contact details to the organization’s chairperson and secretary, and also one contact address. (Note that an online newsletter can be sent to as many recipients as needed.) For more information, please contact: Finance and administration secretary Minna Ahlfors


Member (Personal) gets the Repliikki-magazine,  access to all of the association’s informational materials and also gets discount on advertising prices. Membership fee is annually 25€. The membership program will be renewed in 2021, and it will include even more benefits. JOIN HERE (PERSONAL MEMBERSHIPS)

All the national organizations that advances the theater as a hobby, may apply to become a member organization. Any stage that is affiliated with the organization in question, has the same benefits as the member organization – including the possibility to apply for a production grant. JOIN HERE (MEMBERSHIPS FOR ORGANIZATIONS)

Membership fees depend on the number of the stages that are affiliated with the organization.

More information:  Executive director Sanna Saarela


Intranet is a members only -site, for all kinds of membership matters. Through the intranet you can update your information, apply for production grants and acknowledgements online. Make sure that your contact details are up to date.

Already a member? Logging details to the intranet have been sent to those people named as contact persons of the organization. If you have lost your logging details or the contact person has been changed, please contact [email protected] to receive new ones.

New Member? The logging details will be sent to you as soon as your membership has been processed.

Data policy 

Read here the customer registery’s privacy policy, and membership registry’s privacy policy, here. For questions about the data policy, please contact producer Mari Saarinen [email protected] / 050-4682138

Contact us!

Are you interested in our activity, or are you looking for more information? Contact us, we are happy to help you! Our office people can be reached mainly on weekdays from 9 to 15 via phone or via email. Because we are an active sort of people, we recommend booking a meeting for our Helsinki offices before hand.

Sanna Saarela 

Executive director

General and international issues

Telephone: 050-092 8984

Email: [email protected]


Minna Ahlfors

Financial manager

Financial administration, production grants, badges of merit and memberships.

Telephone: 050 – 917 0062

Email: [email protected]


Mari Saarinen


Education, Publicity, awards and events

Telephone:  050 468 2138 (You can also contact via Whatsapp)

Email: [email protected]


Sari Jaatinen



Note that Sari is best to reach via email, due to part-time work.

Email: [email protected]



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